We’re off to see the Wizard!

… the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Last Halloween, my sister dressed up her dog children as characters from the Wizard of Oz and I just had to share the cuteness and perhaps offer a little inspiration. (My sister was Dorothy and her husband, Mike was the Wizard.)

The crew...
The crew… Burton as the Scarecrow, Watson as the Tin Man and Hudson as the Cowardly Lion.
"I know I'm adorable." - Burton
“I know I’m adorable.” – Burton
"Don't I look cute in my bowtie?" - Watson
“Don’t I look cute in my bowtie?” – Watson
"I'm just chillin'." - Watson
“I’m just chillin’.” – Watson
"I know nothing..." - Burton
“I know nothing…” – Burton
"I'm the king of the forest." - Hudson
“I’m the king of the forest.” – Hudson
"Who you calling cowardly?" - Hudson
“Who you calling cowardly?” – Hudson

I hope everyone has a happy and save Halloween!

~theavidpen, Burton, Hudson & Watson


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