Woman in Gold | An Avid Review

I couldn’t have been more excited about the release of this movie on Friday. I’ve have been dying to watch it since I first saw the trailers. Was the wait worth it? In one word, YES.

Woman in Gold
Woman in Gold

This drama centers around Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren, Tatiana Maslany) a Jewish woman who fled Vienna with her husband after the Nazi’s took control of the country.

In the present day she works with a young lawyer, Randy Schoeberg (Ryan Reynolds) in order to reclaim the possessions stollen from her family during the war, including the portrait of her Aunt Adele more known as Woman in Gold by Klimit.

Woman in Gold
Woman in Gold

From the very beginning the cards seemed to be stacked against them, but with the help of Hubertus Czernin (Daniel Bruhl) and the support of family, they continue to fight on.

Both Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) and Helen Mirren (Queen, Red) do an amazing job of portraying Maria, and Ryan Reynolds gives a compelling performance as a man who also fights to overcome the injustice suffered by his family at the hands of the Nazi’s.

See the trailer here.


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  • Reply annie lee July 13, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    i’ve watched this a while back and really enjoyed it! great review christa 🙂

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