Blog Talk | 4 Things I’ve learned about blogging so far…

Comparing yourself to other’s success only slows you down from finding your own. – Octavia Spencer

Although it’s easy to get discouraged at times and even lose focus when you pay too much attention to the ‘numbers’ part of blogging, here are 4 lessons that I’ve learning during my time in the blogging world so far.

One // Don’t compare yourself to others. If you find yourself saying I wish I could do what this blogger is doing or that blogger is doing you’re going to lose any joy you feel about your own accomplishments/adventures. The key to building a successful blog is writing about what you love, what drives you, what makes you get out of bed in the morning. Maybe you don’t have all the followers that you’d like, or haven’t met this goal or that goal, but the question to yourself should be, are you writing for yourself or are you just trying to measure up to someone else success?

Two // Explore new things… I know that change can be a scary word, but not all changes are bad. If you try something new, you might like it, you might not, but either way you get to know yourself a little better as a person and as a blogger. Plus, learning exploring new things can give you a chance to re-engage with your readers.

Three // Give your readers some variety… It’s important to note what sort of posts appeal to your readers. Not everyone is going to like beauty/fashion posts, they may be more into food/travel, so having a balanced week with a little something for everyone is definitely the way to go.

Four // Celebrate the successes you have… When I first started blogging I never would have guessed that I would have had the chance to interview some of the artists I admire, along with discovering new artists who have graciously allowed me to interview them as well. I can’t wait to share more discoveries with you!

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