Grow Your Own Wheat Grass | Easy Table Decor

This year we really wanted to make our Easter Brunch special. We bought the perfect bunny plates, made fun carrot bubbles, polished up our vintage silver, created delicious cakes, and grew our own wheat grass for part of our decor.

We picked up simple white mini loaf containers to grow our wheat grass, but you can go with larger containers if you are wanting to use your wheat grass as decor for your porch/deck, the choice is really up to you. (The wheat grass isn’t picky.)

First you soak your wheat grains (red hard winter wheat) in water over night. You should be able to find your wheat at the grocery store, we picked up ours from the bulk bins at our local Earthfare.
Strain your wheat the following day, and allow it to sit. Rinse again the following day. You’ll start to see little ‘sprouts’ at this point.

If your container doesn’t have drainage, cover the bottom with pea gravel just enough so you can’t see the bottom of the container. Top with dirt (we used Miracle Grow that is specifically for containers) until you only have a 1 inch from the dirt to the top of the container. Spread your sprouting wheat on top of the dirt.

Keep your wheat grass in a lit area during the day, either indoors, or out, and in a dark unlit area at night. Water with a spray bottle as needed. (Be careful not to over water!)
All you wheat grass needs is 10 days to grow, and you might have to give it a ‘hair cut’ here and there.
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  • Reply Melinda April 17, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Never thought about growing it for decor. Definitely healthy to eat or juice. 🙂

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