Inside Omaggio Pizzeria with Daniel Siragusa

From the moment I first walked into Omaggio Pizzeria I was impressed. I loved the design of the restaurant, the coziness of location and the food. You can truly tell when people are passionate about what they do and it definitely shows in the food we’ve enjoyed during our visits to Omaggio. During a recent visit we had the opportunity to chat with Daniel Siragusa who owns the Omaggio Pizzeria along with his wife (who designed the interior of the restaurant!)

1| When did you first decide to open up a restaurant and what made you choose to go with Italian cuisine specifically? I have literally grown up in restaurants, my father has owned and operated so many during my childhood. So after I decided, college “wasn’t for me” I went straight to work with my father. After a few years of managing his restaurants the opportunity came up for me to own my own and I took it. I am an Italian/American so I wouldn’t venture out to not cook Italian, Italian food is something I am passionate about and know about.

Omaggio Pizzeria
Let’s make a pizza!

2| Did you go to culinary school or are you self taught? I just applied myself in learning from the people I grew up with and around like my Dad, Mom, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and chefs and pizzaioli who worked for my father.

3| What drew you to the Metropolitan Ave area? We really liked the space in the Metropolitan, because it set the vibe we were looking for. We wanted a modern, sleek, trendy yet comfortable and casual pizzeria restaurant.


4| What is your favorite part about owning and running a restaurant? I really enjoy the day to day activity of my work as well as the relationships I build with the customers. I enjoy getting to know exactly the way a customer wants his/her food prepared.

5| I love the open concept of your restaurants design where diners can see what’s going on in the kitchen while they wait. What led you to go with this design? I feel for a pizzeria restaurant, it is very important that the pizzas are being made in front of the guests it is a must adds nicely to the atmosphere.

Omaggio Pizzeria

6| Your bruschetta is the best that I’ve ever tasted (literally!) what all goes into it? This is the classic Italian bruschetta (pronounced correctly as Bru-sket-ta) simple sweet flavorful tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh chopped basil, little extra virgin olive oil, little red wine vinegar, little salt. Some dishes don’t need extra unnecessary ingredients. We go for the “less is more” approach with ingredients in the Italian cuisine.

Omaggio Pizzeria

7| What would you would is essential to creating the perfect pizza? Many factors come into play here takes years of experience and lots of technique. Also very important to use quality ingredients. Overall the pizza needs its correct balance all around not too much sauce not too little and same goes for cheese, thickness of dough, toppings and cooking time.

8| If there was one ingredient you couldn’t live without what would it be? Extra virgin olive oil

Omaggio Pizzeria
During our recent visit we brought my sister (Ashley) and brother-in-law (Mike) to check out Omaggio.

9| Out of all the delicious dishes on your menu, what dish is your favorite? The Regina Margherita. It is a classic pizza but incapsulates all that we are about at Omaggio “simple but flavor” “executed as it should be”.

10| If someone had no idea what to order, what would you suggest for the perfect experience of what Omaggio has to offer? The Regina Margherita.

Omaggio Pizzeria
Daniel & Maria Siragusa

If you’re in the Charlotte area, and want to experience the best Italian food that the city has to offer, Omaggio Pizzeria should be at the top of your list!

Omaggio Pizzeria – 1055 Metropolitan Ave #130, Charlotte, NC 28204

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