Unseen | Marcy Gregg Exhibition Comes to the Anne Neilson Gallery

When it comes to new art exhibitions, and artists that are new to us, we always have a thrill of excitement when we first step into the gallery. From the moment we walked through the doors of the Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery, located in the Governor Morrison shopping area, we thought we couldn’t possibly be more enthralled with the mesmerizing paintings by artist Marcy Gregg. However, after a conversion with Gallery Director, Sandy Scott we found ourselves seeing Gregg’s pieces with a whole new outlook.

The story of the artist herself, and the struggles she went through give new meaning to the pieces that showed of beautiful swaths of color throughout the gallery. Gregg, following the birth of third child at the age of 30, slipped into a 3 coma. When she woke up 3 days later she had no memories, and thought she was 17 years old. Although her family helped her through her struggle to find herself again, she didn’t come back to painting until just 11 years ago.

Each piece has a Bible verse that holds specific meaning to Gregg, and she paints over the verse (thus the title of the show ‘Unseen’) and each painting has circles or lines which gives you an added detail to look for in her colorful pieces.

One of my favorites was from the show was titled, Shine Brightly and if you have the chance to see the painting up close you can’t help but feel you mood lift as gaze at the canvas. I enjoyed looking at the names of all the pieces and then viewing the paintings again. Every name fit so perfectly.

Shine Brightly

The exhibition, Unseen, is on display at the Anne Neilson Gallery through September 28th, and I highly recommend you check it out if you find yourself in the Charlotte area. You can also read the article about Marcy Gregg in the August/September issue of Charlotte Home Design & Decor.

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