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Fictions perfumes ask remarkable creatives to conjure the scent and story of a woman in love. Intriguing, collectible and eminently wearable, our first editions are set in the iconic cities of Paris, London and Los Angeles. Each is a journey of the senses, inspired by a breadth of emotions – unauthorized, unconditional and unrequited. – Fictions Beauty

I was so intrigued when I saw the perfumes by Fictions Beauty which all have a unique blend of scents that meld together to represent different cities around the world with such whimsy names as She Called Him But He Was Unreachable for LA and She Listened for His Whisper for Istanbul.  Each perfume is incased in a book custom designed by a watercolor artist that has been hidden like secret inside. You can learn about both the artist and the perfumer who creating each scent via their site.

They also have signature lotions in scents representing Paris, LA, London & Sydney and four lip tints, two of which I purchased through Anthropologie.

Like with Fiction’s other products, the first thing that will impress you is the packaging. It’s what draws you in to begin with, plus the sleek design of the lip tint tube is another plus.

She Knew He Was Forever | London

This lip tint is perfect if you are looking for a warm nude with just a hint of shimmer. Plus it’s scented with peppermint oil, so you’re lips will not only feel moisturized but smell fresh as well.

She Called But He Was Unreachable | Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a brighter look from your lip tint, She Called But He Was Unreachable gives you a hint of bright, and yet still chic shade of pink. If you tend to lean towards the berry shades, give She Found Quiet in His Wild (Sydney) a try, and for classic red try She Met Him in Secret (Paris).


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